The film follows the wonders of the museum, in which every room of the facility focuses on a period of time in Russian history. So, live on. The filming is dreamlike, but engaging. The narrator is eventually joined by a sarcastic and eccentric 19th century French Marquis (Sergey Dreiden), who travels with him throughout the huge grounds, encountering various historical figures and viewing the legendary artworks on display. With Sergey Dreyden, Mariya Kuznetsova, Leonid Mozgovoy, Mikhail Piotrovsky. A history of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation and a meditation on the meaning and timelessness of art. An elderly woman takes a train trip to visit her grandson at his army camp inside Chechnya. You wander through the Winter Palace like a ghost, witnessing hundreds of years' worth of Russian history along with the glorious architecture of the palace itself, accompanying a European who doesn't think highly of your surroundings, and time shifts back and forth. Huggo, Sokurov breaks boundaries with his dreamlike vision of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Partridges. Shooting on digital video made it technically possible, because DV cameras don’t have to be reloaded every 10 minutes the way film cameras do. 4 / 5 stars 81% 89%. - European masterpieces are mainly of people's faces and eyes, seldom landscapes or buildings. - The museum is like an Ark for the Russian treasures in art and culture. It proudly sits in my collection. Was this review helpful to you? 5. But Russian Ark is enough to be going on with. Gives you joy... One day, all men will become like them. Sometimes a tour de force is just that. It's a deeply felt irony that this transcendent moment of joy takes place on the eve of the Russian revolution, and the world of these briefly glimpsed characters is about to come crashing to an end. Written by 2002 … -Please, tell me. You'll out live them all." Not done before, probably not attempted again. 2002. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Russian Ark near you. Ultimately, the unseen man's desired journey is to move forward, with or without his European companion. The movie consists of one unbroken shot lasting the entire length of the film, as a camera glides through the Hermitage, the repository of Russian art and history in St. Petersburg. The Movie Show reviews Russian Ark. Is he dreaming? It's a demanding film, encompassing a wealth of Russian history and art history between its first and final frames. While the narrator only interacts with the Marquis (he seems to be invisible to all the other inhabitants), the Marquis occasionally interacts with visitors and former residents of the museum. 2 … 55 of 80 people found this review helpful. (2002). From Russia With Love - ?? As a summary history of Russia, it was lacking in broad stroke analysis of its key periods, characters and events. Fandango ... See Full Cast + Crew for Russian Ark Features Load More Features Movie Reviews Presented by Rotten Tomatoes. Russian filmmaker Alexander Sokurov broke boundaries with his dreamlike vision of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russian Ark. At the very least, a cheap and lively way to see some of those masterpieces and learn about Russian history. This was done for real. I highly recommend watching the making of-documentary as well as the documentary on the Hermitage itself. God protects them. Equal parts art film and museum tour, an uneasy combination for anyone unfamiliar with Russian culture and history. Throughout the movie, you follow a Russian man and European writer as they walk through the St. Petersburg Winter Palace Museum commenting on the art and architecture and briefly interacting with historical figures. Joseph Stalin (Sergei Razhuk) visits ailing Russian leader Vladimir Lenin (Leonid Mozgovoy) in 1923. Fascinating, and with beautiful costumes and cinematography – but not for the fan of conventional story-driven movie-making. A lavish production with an engaging tour of the Hermitage. This movie was absolutely breathtaking and intriguing on many levels. We've curated a list of lesser-known films to help you explore the space-time continuum from the comfort of your couch. It's available to watch. It's a shame that the film has few moments where form and content align so powerfully. The two quickly learn that they are in the Winter Palace of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the European who has a comprehensive knowledge of Russian history to his time. item 3 Russian Ark region All Rated G DVD (2002 Russian fantasy drama movie) rare - Russian Ark region All Rated G DVD (2002 Russian fantasy drama movie) rare. Sokurov's extraordinary masterpiece is a unique journey through time and Russian history. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Russian Ark (Russisch: Русский ковчег, Roesski kovtsjeg) is een Russische film van Aleksandr Sokoerov opgenomen in 2002.. Deze film gaat over het leven aan het Russische hof; hiervoor werd de Hermitage één volledige dag ter beschikking gesteld.. Ruim 2000 acteurs, gekleed in hofkledij acteren in de zalen. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. -I was looking at them because it gives me joy. The problematic to be discussed is the use A naive young man witnesses an escalation of violence in his small hometown following the arrival of a mysterious circus attraction.